Archaeus Herbal Spagyric Tinctures - The Most Powerful Herbal Extracts Available

Thank you for this opportunity for us to introduce you to Archaeus Herbal Spagyrics.  What are Herbal Spagyrics?  Simply put they are the most potent form of natural herbal extracts available.  Even though the art of producing Spagyrics is rooted in the most ancient forms of Alchemical herbal medicine, today its use has fallen into obscurity.  The mission of Archaeus is to re-introduce this amazing healing tradition to the world.


           The Alchemists summed up the Art of preparing Herbal Spagyrics with the maxim: Solve Et Coagula…separate, purify and recombine.  Hermetic Philosophy teaches that all things are composed of the “Three Essentials” - Mercury, Sulphur and Salt.  These terms are not to be mistaken for common mercury, sulphur and salt.  As with many other examples, the alchemists liked to use common names for uncommon substances.


           In the plant kingdom, Mercury is carried by alcohol produced during the fermentation of plants.  Mercury is the feminine universal life force or Spirit of plants.  Sulphur refers to the essential oils, alkaloids and other constituents that are unique to the plant.  Sulphur is the masculine Soul of the plant.  Lastly, Salt refers to the mineral salts which contain the true body of the plant.  Salt is neither feminine nor masculine but serves as the matrix onto which the feminine spirit and masculine soul may re-unite.  Spirit, Soul and Body.

           Each plant is separated into these Essentials which are then purified and finally recombined through a process known to the Alchemists as Cohobation.  The entire process is a cycle of death and rebirth resulting in the “resurrection” of the plant.  Risen from its ashes like the phoenix into a new form, free of the heavy impurities it leaves behind.  The newly born plant can act more readily to bring its healing properties into our bodies.


           Scientifically speaking, the addition of the alkaline mineral salts to an alcohol tincture causes the oily constituents of the plant in the alcohol to convert into water soluble compounds. Chemists today call this Saponification.  This enables the medicinal properties to more readily absorb into the body and is what makes Spagyrics unique and the most potent herbal extract available.